Formed in 2017 on unceded Sinixt territory (Slocan Valley, B.C), gothic doom duo Bath merges heavy, sludgy riffs with haunted and soaring melodies, hypnotic stoner/psych grooves and layered occult themes in their debut album Attys.

Attys is the title track from Bath’s debut album.


The debut vinyl release from Bitter//Washed is a furious album of high speed, psychedelic garage rock from Rossland BC. Tight and fast, Bitter Illusions is a real ripper of a record!

I Don’t Care by Bitter/Washed


Founded in 2022, this 3 piece of bestial volume hails from the West Kootenay Region of BC, Canada. Having picked up the tattered banner of doom and pummelling sludge, this is music for dystopian wastelands, crumbling infrastructures and the bleak expanses of the untamed wild.

The Silent Terror Approaching Takes Form by Severed Arm


From deep in the heart of Blewett comes the first full-length vinyl release from legendary grunge-punk rockers, the Tarholes. It is a loud, sweaty blast. Praise be the serpent!

Ultimate Flop by The Tarholes