Massif Music’s Massive Record Vol. 1


Holy Shit…The first ever, killer compilation of bands from Nelson BC’s premiere heavy music showcase, Massif Music. Super limited coloured vinyl run.

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HOLY SHIT! A Massif Music Record

There’s nothing like an ongoing pandemic to get in the way of getting sweaty at a music festival. So we said FUCK IT and decided to put out our FIRST EVER Massif Music record! And you can say FUCK IT too, by snatching up one of these INSANELY LIMITED EDITION vinyl releases of Massif Music’s Massive Record Vol.1.

10 bands – 1 rocking compilation! Only 85 available! So get yours NOW! Featuring music by: Brass, Dead Fibres, Space Queen, Gone Cosmic, AK-747s, Brain Bent, Rebuild/Repair, Less Miserable, The Adits, Ruiner

Just so you know, when you PRE-ORDER this piece of history, it may take a while but we will get the records to you ASIP (As Soon As Its Pressed).

So with that, there you go.

Support local music,

support art,

support each other.

Lots of love and headbanging,

Your Massif Team.